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Loonies and Lions 100

Harry/Luna In 100 Words

Loonies and Lions 100 - Harry/Luna In 100 Word
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Following the precedent set by communities such as hp100, minorhp100, & luna100, loonylions100 is a Harry/Luna concentrated drabble challenge community.

New challenges will be posted every Monday.

Quick Links

|:| Past Challenges |:| Suggestion Box |:|

The Rules

  • Each drabble should be as close to 100 words as possible, but if you can't get it down [or up] to exactly 100, a 50 word swing is in place.

  • Drabbles should include Harry and Luna in some significant way, even if it's just an allusion to them through the observations of another character.

  • Please, only one drabble per post.

  • lj-cuts must be used at all times.

  • All ratings are allowed, but please, do make use of the
    rating/warning system.

  • Any NC-17 ratings should be highlighted in RED.

  • There is no age limit on this community, but please, if you're not of age, don't read the 'adult' things.

  • Posting responses to past challenges is allowed, but if you are
    going to post responses to past challenges, backdate them accordingly.

  • Please put the title of the drabble in the subject line of your post.

  • You don't have to post if you join; lurking is just fine.

  • Advertising is allowed, but friends lock any ads, and don't

  • No crossovers unless allowed by the specific weekly challenge

  • To suggest a topic for a weekly challenge, please leave a
    comment in the Suggestion Box.

  • The moderator reserves the right to delete posts that don't
    adhere to the rules.

Disclaimer: All HP characters and concepts are copyrighted by JK Rowling and Warner Bros; this community and its contents are intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended.


Founder: snape_babies
Moderators: snape_babies & antistar_e